Regarding The Nine Princesses
Dear Royal Readers,

I am very sorry to have to announce that I must discontinue writing
The Nine Princesses series. I have put this off for a long time, but I
knew it was coming. It has been a very hard decision.

This project was my first self-publishing project and it got too big
for me. Most people assumed it was meant to be a series of 9 books.
It wasn't. It was meant to be a series of SHORT novels (novellas)
that spanned 27 books - (3 cycles of 9) - with each princess
receiving 3 books to tell her full story. That is why some of the
books (like Coralina's) seemed to end without the story being fully
completed. It was meant to continue in Coralina's next book. And the
same for the other princesses.

But as I worked on the project, the novellas began turning into
full-length novels. Then I began working a full-time at job outside
my home 6 years ago and no matter how many ways I tried to make
this work, I just cannot write 27 full-length novels. Not unless I
could quit my job and work full-time as a writer and life has not
afforded me that opportunity. In addition, the series has never sold
very well, even when I advertised it, so putting months and years into
its completion would not be worth the while, unfortunately.

HOWEVER, these characters are dear to my heart and I hope to
find a more feasible format for bringing them back to life in the
future. I might group the characters into one novel so that you can
see how their individual stories were intended to end. For now, I will
be removing the books from Amazon and putting them up for free on
Wattpad for those who still care to read them. I will also put up the
portion of Lace that I have completed on Wattpad as well.

Thank you to all those who have been with me on this project, and I
hope to have better news for my faithful fans in years to come. The
Nine Princesses are not dead, just going away until I figure out a
better way. If you have any further questions, you may direct them
to me at

Thank you so much and I wish you all the best,

-Anita Valle

Link to The Nine Princesses on Wattpad (coming soon)